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when your parents make u sandwich with only the butts of the loaf. this is either called a Buttwich or a Butt-Sandwich.
omg my mom packed me a Buttwich. Haha ur mom packed u a Butt Sandwich
by Middle-school-friends May 06, 2010
Sandwich made of butt and shit.

A derivation of ass sandwich.
"Man, that guy is such a butt-wich."
by Catherine MacTavish February 24, 2009
when you get the usual contents of a sandwich, ie. cheese and ham and shove it in your butt cheeks for your best pal or whoever to eat
hey man, put the bread down and shove that egg mayo in my arse crack, we're making a buttwich up in here!
by buttface the 3rd October 14, 2011
when someone is spotted itching their ass in public and they are unaware of others looking at them.

seeing someone itch their ass in public
i just saw some girl itching her ass, what a Buttwich.

yo, i saw a Buttwich, on my way to work. she was really digging in there.
by billygodd February 28, 2012
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