One who enjoys waiting around to smell a fresh fart that his friend cut. Then acts suprised that it stinks.
Owen is a total buttsniffer. He did not leave right away after Jon ripped one.
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007
or a Voldemort; Somebody who should not be named. Someone who follows you about and tries to be like you and do what you do. Also related to the term Bum Licker; meaning to suck up to or try and impress you...
Person 1: "omg... You know that guy who follows you about all the time and will never leave you alone?!"

Person 2: "Yeah... he's such a Butt Sniffer... :L"
by getoutmylifeplz February 24, 2012
It is a person that sniffs butts or is just being straight up rude.
Person 1- That dude is a buttsniffer!!
Person 2- Yeah.. He's sniffing butts...
by CrazedBatmanLover November 12, 2015
Someone that is gay and annoying. So annoying that the only thing you can see them doing right, is sniffing a butt.
"Dude, Alex, stop being such a buttsniffer and give me back my Chex-mix!"
by Booya1 October 17, 2005
Someone who sucks up to another, a suck-up. Also it is someone who is always on your nerves because they do everything right.
Dude, stop butt-sniffing to the boss. He's not going to promote you!
by Negative- April 02, 2005
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