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she has the finest ass this side of the mississippi
"Dude, will's mom has a sweet ass! I'd tap it." says Mike
by Negative- March 31, 2005
Preppy girl who acts like a gangster.
"Yo Jamal, look at those unarls smokin'." Said LaDarius in Harlem.
by Negative- April 01, 2005
Someone who loans out their butt for monetary causes.
Will's mom is a shezbian and a buttsmith.
by Negative- March 30, 2005
Someone who sucks up to another, a suck-up. Also it is someone who is always on your nerves because they do everything right.
Dude, stop butt-sniffing to the boss. He's not going to promote you!
by Negative- April 02, 2005
Beaten badly, owned, or served.
Ken Jennings butt shaved everyone on Jeopardy.
by Negative- March 29, 2005
Shortened term for the words "powerfully owned". It's very common in lam-o video game terminology. It means being humiliated, or beaten badly.
Caesar, caesar, caesar, I poned you and your mom! OHHHHH!!!!
by Negative- March 30, 2005

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