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a rag inserted between the buttcheeks to handle the sweat
my butt rag fell out of my ass in the middle of having sex
by diggles July 03, 2003
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A piece of toilet paper inserted between ones butt cheeks to keep sweat and/or crap stains from reaching ones underwear
Butt Rag (aka ass tampon). After taking a dump and wiping clean, you tear off 2 to 3 squares of toilet paper, fold them on top of each other to form a square, then fold that in half, then (optional) you apply some baby or talcum powder to the outer edge. Then wedge it between your ass cheeks in the crack. Keeps your underwear nice and skid free until the next dump.
by Harvey Wallbanger 69 July 05, 2012
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After you take a dump, you wet a paper towel and wipe your ass again with it to make sure everything is clean.
In the family room...

John: Mom, turn around im dropping my pants to butt rag

Mom: cant you do that in the bathroom
by MACCIN June 04, 2009
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