buttmud is exactly the same as dangleberries and also arse produce
this shit tastes like buttmud bitch
by jordan and adam April 03, 2004
What Christina Aguilera paints herself up with before she does a video shoot.
Wow,another Christina Aguilera video where she is covered in buttmud.
by bluntman December 07, 2003
clingy shit in your asscrack. most commonly found while shitting.
HEY CUNT! don't forget to wipe your butt mud!
by the guat April 09, 2004
excrements of the gigantic flaps of meat below your back; see poop
oh my god! I've never seen anyone chug that much butt mudd at once.
by Isaac January 05, 2004
Slang for feces.
Wipe your ass so your drawers don't get covered in butt mud.
by Einstein April 30, 2003
slang term for s**t
dale winton likes to eat butt mud
by hugh jass September 22, 2003

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