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(noun) The popping sound made by an explosive fart. A crisp and short passage of gas from ones butt.
Excuse me while I crack my butt knuckle.
by Jay Hoe September 04, 2009
hot sauce, bbq sauce, and dry rub from youngstown ohio. usually consists of various types of hot peppers mixed with fruits and/or vegetables to make your buttknuckle sweat.
I bbq'ed yesterday and used buttknuckle hot bbq sauce and today i had to use tucks cuz my ass is dripping habanero juice
by Gravestone April 14, 2008
the knuckle of your arse.

the guy who cried donkey
an ostriche's pine cone
the alphabet's squiggle
a mushroom's dick
the wiggles
magenta from blue's clues
muno from yo gabba gabba
"ow! i hurt my buttknuckle when i fell on my arse!"

"that guy just looked at my boobs and drooled out of his dick"
by dj lance July 11, 2011
1. Somebody with a mood disorder, such as Bipolar Disorder.

2. A person who is culturally and/or racially prejudiced.
1. My wife is a buttknuckle. She belongs in a mental hospital.

2. I ran into a couple of buttknuckles in the ghetto today. I saw them throwing beer bottles at a black person's house.
by JushtinSmeagol March 12, 2011
Singular: Noun: hip bones that protrude like knuckles when a girl is bent over; Most apparent on skinny girls.
During doggie-style sex, a woman's buttknuckles can diminish the sexual experience.
by pullon7 February 04, 2010
1.)The smelly brown knuckle of the finger or thumb inserted in someones butt. 2.)The person inserting said finger or thumb 3.) The act of inserting said finger or thumb in one's butt, possibly due to boredom or lack of interest. 4.)Someone who complains alot but does nothing and/or offers no suggestions about how to remedy the problem he/she is complaining about.
Dave is such a butt-knuckle that rather than do something useful he'll just sit there with his thumb up his butt complaining about everything. Hey can you help me with this right after you go wash the stink off of your butt-knuckle. Don't go butt-knuckle on us now we may still need your help before it's all over.
by Bradley Brandt October 31, 2005
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