Top Definition
a girl that loves it in the butt.
and takes it in the butt from all your guy friends.
other friend: hey that chick celena's such a butt girl! jerry gave it to her last night!
friend: no way! Chuck gave it to her two days ago!
by ilwoeveed January 04, 2008
(1) a girl whose utterly amazing attraction is exuded by a beautiful well shaped muffin, aka her booty
(2) a girl with a nice butt, one you can spot from far away
(3) a girl with a nice ass who's name you don't know or probably don't care about
Damn yo i saw a butt gurl the other day her shit was bumpin in those spandex pants

Yo is that butt girl? I can recognize that ass anywhere!

I need a booty call, I think ill hit up butt girl.
by Holla at Me12 November 28, 2009
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