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shorter way of saying butt fukin ugly. Hence the word Fugly.

To be as ugly as can be.
As Jon gets picked up from school...

Tim: Did you see Jon's mom?????
Bob: Hell yea man...that biatch was butt fugly!!!
by Knivez March 28, 2006
7 6
Short for "butt fucking ugly". The worst kind of ugly one can be.
"Jesus christ, that whore is butt fugly! No wonder no one screws her!"
by AJAW August 17, 2004
28 5
Short for "butt fucking ugly". Can be used to describe an extremely unattractive person or object.
"Wow, he is butt fugly!"
by T-A December 08, 2003
10 5
That gal is one butt fuckin ugly bitch
by Marcus Jeffferson June 15, 2003
8 4