The first time an individual engages in anal penetration
At Trish's pool party, Emmett popped his butt cherry cannon balling into the shallow end.
by ninja genius November 12, 2010
Top Definition
1) The concept of anal virginity
2) That which is possessed by those who have never had their rectum penetrated, but not by those who have
3) The most prized possession of any heterosexual male
1) She left her butt cherry at my house

2) When the spring broke through the cushion seat, I thought for a moment I had lost my butt cherry

3) As soon as he got back from the Navy, we asked him if he still had his butt cherry
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
noun. Anal virginity
Last night she finally let me do anal and I took her buttcherry.
by hayley v, erick t November 29, 2005
The anus or butt hole.
Hi, David. Did you get your butt cherry popped last night.
by Larry Jameson June 26, 2007
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