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1) a healthy anus
2) asshole that is safe to fuck; will not put you at risk for poop-cock
I strained on the can, but my pink starfish merely winked at the mirrored pool below
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
1) The concept of anal virginity
2) That which is possessed by those who have never had their rectum penetrated, but not by those who have
3) The most prized possession of any heterosexual male
1) She left her butt cherry at my house

2) When the spring broke through the cushion seat, I thought for a moment I had lost my butt cherry

3) As soon as he got back from the Navy, we asked him if he still had his butt cherry
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
1) asshole in need of washing; so dirty the skin becomes permanently brown
2) an asshole that is unsafe to fuck; puts you at very high risk for poop-cock
If not for her brown starfish, she would have felt my love in a whole new way
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
generic name for any disease or dirtying of the male member acquired through unprotected anal sex
Oh, fuck. I knew I should have wrapped it! Now I have poop-cock!

She gave me many wonderful things, but the poop-cock is a gift I wish I could return.

I could abide the farts but not the poop-cock.
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
a dirty anus; opposite of pink starfish
We were going to go for a drive down H-Highway, but a brown starfish in the road put an abrupt end to our journey
by RotNWang December 03, 2003
opposite of brown starfish
We spent the day combing the beach, looking for pink starfish to stab.
by RotNWang December 03, 2003
generic name for any condition or affliction which turns your penis blue and/or shrinks it
I'll never use a blue condom again...I dreamed I had Smurf-cock last night!

That lake was so cold, it took me a week to get over the smurf-cock!

She must've been sucking on a blue lollipop, cause I pulled out and had smurf-cock!
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
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