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Fart, flatulence, emission of gas from the hindquarters
If i don't stand up i might butt burp.
by George Guarino March 01, 2005
A fart.
...sorry, my butt burped
by heavy_debbie October 15, 2010
Butt burps
Butt burps; flatulence, passing gas, farting, a foul odor that comes from someone’s butt
by LAFNATU June 16, 2010
quite simply, a fart...but my two year old spontaneously re-christened it - "Daddy, I made a butt-burp!" - while we lay watching his favorite tv show.
Who made a butt-burp?
by tankyard January 17, 2010
Mary shure cleared out that corner when she butt burped.
by fredinmx May 15, 2009
A fart.
All those bean burritos from Taco Bell gave me the butt burps!
by CJVM.95 March 09, 2014

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