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1. (Noun) Another word for poop.

2. (Verb) To get one's poop packed do to a fierce ass pounding.
1. I manufactured a massive load of butt stuffing which clogged the toilet after Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Ralph couldn't shit for a week after the violent butt stuffing he got from the prison boys in the shower.
by Anal Czar September 10, 2010
when a girl stuffs her pants with cotton (or paper) because she doesn't think her ass is big enough.
she uses butt stuffing because she didn't think her ass was big enough!
by Joe Winko July 15, 2010
Where you get a person and stuff toilet paper thill you can't manage to get any more in. It is a form of torture and/or execution.

You want to shit bad but can't because your intestines are packed with toilet paper.only an operation can get it out and save there life. one of the cruelist things one person can do to another.
John's butt stuffing some guy.
by Deep blue 2012 December 17, 2009
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