An anal release of air, that usually has an unfriendly stench.

Also known as a fart.
ItaLy ftw: yo, ToRoNoX I just butt queefed, did you smell it?
ToRoNox: ya niggah, I can smell it from a mile away
by ItaLy ftw June 01, 2010
Top Definition
Unlike a fart, it is the release of air trapped during anal sex.

Joe "What was that?!?!?"

Joyce "You're fucking me in the ass so hard I butt queefed, keep going!!!"
by Ivanov rednalo July 10, 2010
A fart that sneaks out the front. This phenomenon usually occurs while seated. The fart gets trapped in the butt cheeks and slowly makes it way out the front instead of the back. A slight tickling sensation may be felt as the air bubble makes it's journey from anusville through grundle town.
Steve: Damn Gina, Did you just queef? It smells a used diaper filled with Indian food!
Gina: No, that was a butt queef! I tried to sneak a fart out and it came out the front. I guess that curry slurpee was a bad idea!
by The1andonly November 16, 2007
the occurrence of a man farting, accidentally or otherwise, on a close friend who is also male.
While playing the fast-paced action video game, Halo Reach, Carlos failed to score the game-winning frag for his team, as he was distracted by Todd's pestilent buttqueef.
by haha yeah lol February 01, 2011
A fart that comes from your asshole, but you make it a big deal and mutter "ohhh butt queef"
"Dude, I just butt queefed"
by Dapoopmasta February 14, 2007
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