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Exactly what it sounds like. A very hard punch to the buttocks. An excellent retort when you've been farted on. If done fast enough the sounds of the fart should speed up or change pitch.
bob thought he was being funny when he stuck his ass over my shoulder and farted he stopped laughing when I butt punched him.
by KungFu April 04, 2005
A punch that is delivered to the buttocks of one who has his/her bottom in a protruding position. This punch can only be achieved with a minimum of 3 people and requires a conventional method of execution.
Person 1: "Butt punch!"
Person 2: *Delivers the punch to the extended posterior of Person 3.*
Person 3: "AHHH SHIT!"
by Buttpunchers August 28, 2011
A punch to the ass which hurts like no other. may cause Assplosion.
dude, im going to buttpunch your cousin.
by Hobodownbythelobby May 09, 2008
submissive and needy for conitinual degradation!

whats with your buddy Buttpunch over there........
by fartface_66 March 05, 2008
A party game usually played with only guys. Each player pumps HI-C Fruit Punch into his asshole. Players start on one side of a room. They must run to the other end and squeeze the fruit punch out of their asshole into a cup. The player with the least amount of punch in his cup must drink both cups.
I got wasted at that party. We played butt punch and I lost every time.
by jmasseythethird July 25, 2010

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