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a person that munches on a butt
wow ur such a butt munch
by refeik February 23, 2009
43 54
a term made poular by beavis and butthead, commonly referring to beavis.
beavis, shut up you buttmunch!
by daniel knight July 07, 2003
487 99
a very irritable person. Hence the first definition.
"butt munch!"

"stop being such a butt munch"
by hmmmm... that person April 07, 2005
425 205
Butt Munch-
1. An annoying person that you would like to shut up.
2. A bothersome sibling.
3. A friend who is being a jackass.
Person 1: Hey man, you sure are cool! you have so many friends! I guess that's why everyone thinks you're such a winner

Person 2: Shut up you freaking butt munch.
by David Dugas May 04, 2005
313 103
n. Someone who is a source of irritation, thus becoming the target of another's animosity.
Syn.: jerk, wanker, bastard, fucker, creep, buttmonkey, asshole, shithead
"Give the kid back his ball, you buttmunch!"

"All you do is make fun of me. You're such a buttmunch."
by Tatari June 10, 2003
295 135
An annoying person, particularly a small one you can't call a worse name
Your little sis is a buttmunch
by Az December 14, 2002
284 154
Stupid or idiotic person.
Shut up you butt munch!
by SamiAtHami August 16, 2006
137 90
someone who is a complete ass face, and has an inexplicably large head. also finds it amusing to laugh at the expense of others, and is renound for being irritating.
Thomas Cope is a buttmunch
by xandi April 01, 2008
93 63