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an annoying person who never shuts up. this person is very nosey. and goes home to thier mother and tells her if he beat the smartest girl in school or not on the 'big' test. or jordan brito.
kid 1: dang. i hate algebra.
kid 2: why so glum bob?
kid 1: well sid; this kid in my algebra class is such a "butt munch."
kid 2: ah; they are the worst little suckers.
by JAM; March 30, 2009
a person who can't decide if they want to be a police man or a police women. so they use both titles a police man women to refer to themselves. this person isn't intelligent at all. they are always confused about everything; even if it's as simple as 1234.
man one: who's that?
man two: uh. a police man?
police man women: nawh dude; i'm a police man women, get it right; or get it tight!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
police talking to himself;
should i be a police man or women?
i should be a police women;
nawh, i like how police man sounds.
WAIT! i'll be a police man women.
by JAM; March 30, 2009
chinese for i'm so confused right it's not even funny. you can use it at parties or religious meetings. you can even use it at you cousin's funeral. all the chinese men tell it to their doggies when they are going for walks. or when they go poopie in their pants. or this word can mean iLove you in arabic.
chinese men gather for a funeral.
chinese man 1: hey. what's up?
chinese man 2: COWABUNGA!
chinese man 1: shweeet.
by JAM; March 31, 2009

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