The twisted strands of toilet paper that get caught up in the cheesie crack hairs of a fat persons ass and fall to the back side of the toilet seat leaving behind These small twists of cheese tanted TP that resemble a joint!
I was going to use the public restroom but was quickly turned away by the site of a hugh smelly butt joint laying on the seat!
by NightVision July 17, 2005
Top Definition
originally a cross section bar in a bridge, but the word fits so well when describing a gay bar. named for the type of intercourse that homosexual men have together.
bruce: "tonight i'll take you to a real good butt joint"

chester: "oh really! great. i'd love to go to the Ass Bandit"
by ryan mcgaw June 26, 2006
A stray piece of toilet paper that has fallen on the floor after you have wiped your ass. It is generally shaped like a marijuana joint.
Everytime i use the restroom, i always see butt joints on the floor.
by DarthManhandle March 07, 2008
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