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Having an unusually shaped ass resulting directly from the only exercise that person receives is legs up in the air missionary sex. Usually sported by middle-aged house wives who sing kareoke at your local bar on Thursday nights.
I could tell before she even turned around that she was a fuck butt.
by fuck butt August 09, 2007
to fuck a butt. also used for conflict enders.
"hey get the fuck out of my house bro"!

"hey why dont you jus fuck butt"!
by Ricardo II December 25, 2008
A word used, when all the other swears get old. Is used to describe a concept.
Man, this tastes like fuckbutt.
by Charizardanus December 15, 2010
The nasty smell of your butt after having sex.
Man, you have a nasty case of fuck butt. - time to take a shower.
by vavavavoom September 13, 2009
Somthing that tastes like used baby diaper filled with digital indian cock food...with a side of nigger....yeah.
Ugh...this tastes like fuckbutt....shit...buttfuck...fuckbutt.
by >?skeet July 20, 2006

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