crusted poo that stays in your butt and itches a lot
i didn't clean my butt well after having explosive diarrea, and now i have a bad case of butt crusties.
by Allen T. McIntosh III April 26, 2003
Tiny pieces of feces that reside on the hairs in between your butt cheeks.
Try as I might, the butt crusties could not be removed by wiping. Time for a shower.
by brahm2 September 28, 2003
The tiny specs of crunchy looking balls of sweaty dirt that fall off on to the back rim of the toilet seat, from just above your ass crack. Similar to dingle berries, these crusty little dustings collect usually after wiping occurs.
"MOM, Michael left BUTT CRUSTIES on the back of the toliet seat again".
by castigrl4 January 03, 2008
Something Tim German suffers from each and every day due to his lack of anal cleanliness...
I saw them one day. They were bleeding.
by ButterCruster September 02, 2004
A condition suffered from by Ben Anderson, especially after a wedgie has caused anal bleeding.
After my brother gave him a wedgie, his butt crusties were even more unbearable.
by John Doe January 17, 2004

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