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Used interchangably with the word "masturbating."
"I'm sorry I seemed distracted on the phone last night, I was busy."

*Knock Knock*
"I can't come to the door right now, I'm busy."
by SUPA-FLYer August 21, 2006
44 47
Attempting to seem important, and not being shy about it.
I'm so busy that I can't keep up with all my phone calls and emails! I am so important.
by . March 11, 2003
146 64
Non-descript excuse someone gives you when they're trying to get out of meeting or spending time with you. Similar to "I have plans". Basically means they're not into you.
Girl: Hey, you're on vacation this week right? Wanna come over and hang out?

Guy: Ummm sorry I can't; I'm busy
by Bitter-girl March 19, 2008
97 41
To get "Freaky"; Let it all out by dancing or other words
When i count to 3, let's get busy
by smartone May 06, 2003
59 37
1. to give the appearance of being occupied when the actions are really trivial and not time consuming

2. Being unable to do things because of excessive jarheading

3. Masturbation

4. Being socially retarded
"Ive got to go home, do homework, play the guitar and watch jarhead *sigh* sometimes I'm Just so busy."

"Oh he's getting busy..ya know jarhead"

"Dude, that girl is so hot, by the way I'm going to be busy tonight"

"-He's such a dick

-He's just so busy"
by I<3Rodstewart August 06, 2010
28 15
to be work one's self into a frenzy of anger, stress, or otherwise unpleasent moods towards another person
stop getting all busy on me man!
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
16 14
A geordie word for a policeman.
Watch out, here comes a busy.
by josquius April 15, 2004
21 19
a good feeling after an ordeal
that party was very busy
by NCON3000 July 17, 2005
12 11