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1. To give someone a hard time.
2. To be a hard ass.
" I'm bustin' chops today. Ask anyone." ~ Janitor on Scrubs
by Rob March 02, 2005
93 7
To be a SG or a ML, to a DGarman.
Drew, you're such a faggot! J/K, Bustin'Chops
by Chillin Like Han May 04, 2011
0 2
to push someone to the limit of his abilities, especially someone's physical skill or prowess in his area of expertise; (probably originally musical slang)
You'll enjoy drumming for Karen, but you'd better keep up your practice -- the speed she wants during those long solos will bust your chops.

Working with platinum is bustin' my chops, I wish I could go back to working in silver.

Bustin' chops is his favorite thing to do on the midterm, so make sure you've memorized all the formulas.
by Janina December 08, 2005
37 41
To blow your load on a chicks face
I was Bustin Chops on this chicks dome all night.

Dude i totally Busted Chops on that chick from last night
by Troyota January 29, 2009
8 44