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Used as an exclamation. Can be used in suprise, or in excitement. Is usually used when referring to something happening to someone else, as in a put-down.
From the phrase "Oh Bust!" which was used when one party would verbally bust on another and the bystander would say "Oh Bust". It has morphed from "Oh Bust" to "Oh Bus" to "Bus" to "Busticle", or "Oh Busticle".
Jeff (speaking to Mike): Why dont you answer your phone, you are lazy as Sanders.

Eli: Oh Busticle!! <pointing and laughing>
by Elijah April 11, 2005
A fearsome foursome located in Phoenix, Arizona, but who call Cincinnati home. Most commonly found in bars, clubs and night spots all throughout the American southwest, and engaged in random and exuberant acts of musical creativity and crassness.
Did you see Busticles rock the spot the other night? That shit was hot, son!
by McWad June 03, 2006
1) Noun: Any one of four men indigenous to Cincinnati, Ohio, and engaging in rampant acts of musical and comic expression. Common characteristics of a busticle include fresh clouds of sweet smoke, reggae sensibility, as well as a taste for break beats and distorted guitar.

2) Adjective/Noun: A word used to describe any emotion, feeling, place, bodypart, object or action, that may be otherwise difficult to name or describe.
1) Alex always tried extremely hard, but was never able to master the technique or rhythm required to become a Busticle.

2) "I don't know what my problem is," stated Jon, "I must have eaten a busticle."
by McWad June 03, 2006
Another word for a busty girl/woman's breasts.
Get your busticles off me!
by CCLT January 21, 2010
Not quite a testicle, yet not quite busting a nut
What the hell is a busticle?
by Dan Jewell October 24, 2003
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