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to knock a punch to cause someone to bleed (usually to nose or mouth)
"i bust ya mouth boy!"
by Biggin hill - Pikey country. April 05, 2003
v. to make fun of

n. good comeback
Oh snap. He bustin u, boy.

Aw man, that was a good bust
by actliknuffenwentwroooong February 04, 2010
Bust- burst of happyness.

Scream Bust in middle of class to indicate your happyness
when the class is quiet scream BUST!!!!
by Julian Johnson October 06, 2007
a word used in the bay area that is used to describe something good, or really cool.
damn, those stunna shades bust hella hard.
by chrisd May 19, 2006
To pull a member of the opposite sex.
Did you bust her?
So hard I've got a blister on my cock!

I haven't busted in months, my balls are aching and I'm on the verge of freak-out. The pages of my jazz-mags are stuck together, there's no use left in them!
by Jackie-F September 19, 2005
to excel, exceed all expectations.
that song totally busts!

hey johnny, do you have the new depeche mode cd? yeah man,it totally busts!
by johnny campos July 13, 2005
to go to a location.
Dude, lets bust over to KFC for some chicken.
by Zach January 28, 2005