when a girl is ready to squirt out of her pussy (:

- " Ah Ah , im going to bust ! here it comes ! "
by Rodolfo (: March 18, 2009
The art of destroying armoured vehicles in Battlefield 2. Commonly associated with the excellent usage of the shoulder mounted weapons suchs as the SMAW and ERYX. Can also be used when you kill boys with a shotgun...particularly the DAQ-12....
"fuck i busted that a-rab van like i did my nut on your mumma's face"
by Foolish August 14, 2006
a word used in the bay area that is used to describe something good, or really cool.
damn, those stunna shades bust hella hard.
by chrisd May 19, 2006
This can be used to describe hella things.

1. Put something somewhere
2. Come
3. Rap, beatbox
4. Be really cool
5. To catch someone doing something
1. "Imma bust a cap in yo ass"
2. "I'm finna bust a nut"
3. "He's about to bust a flow."
4. "My hair is hella bustin'!"
5. "Ooh, you got busted..."
by Mac Dru May 09, 2006
to excel, exceed all expectations.
that song totally busts!

hey johnny, do you have the new depeche mode cd? yeah man,it totally busts!
by johnny campos July 13, 2005
v. to participate in a game, esp. cards. Often used in conjunction with spags.
"Yo, where's Marky at?"
"He's bustin' spags with Ken."
by Pecan Pie April 25, 2004
you would say this if someone was just massively dissed to their face
1)*random horrendous insults...fill in for your self*
by just for bethy April 17, 2003
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