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Also Known As the BEAUTIFUL GAME. A real sport played with your FEET and an actual round BALL, hence the name FOOTBALL. This term should never be used to refer to our silly american game of putting on 30 pounds of armor and carrying a cone shaped piece of rubber while trying not to be touched by other guys. You'll note the lack of definitions calling this silly game football. And there is a reason for that. Some silly americans give us a bad name by not noticing what is going on in the rest of the world and don't realize that there was already a real sport called football when we made up our game, but everyone else in the world knows whats up.
P.S. Please, if you are American please stop saying the S word (s****r)and saying that our american game is better than real football. If you are not american just know that not all of us are confused faggots.
Football is the best and most popular sport in the world.
by tomdelonge November 16, 2007
black video game controllers. esp. xbox stix
yo i want the lazy stix
by tomdelonge November 17, 2007
a good insult. Like saying Burn but you don't sound like a shoob
person 1: Dude yur a shoobie(to person 2)
Person 2: oh thats mean
You: BUST!!
by tomdelonge November 16, 2007

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