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to perform on the street by singing, playing an instrument, juggling, being a human statue...ect
There are many buskers on Grafton Street today. My favorite singer always wears a purple jacket when he performs songs by the Beatles.
by MMH June 25, 2005
Public performance for tips.
Mimes, Jugglers, Statues, Contortionists, Break dance crews, Poets, Bucket Drummers, Guitar/harmonica/shakers/hulahooping all at the same timers, etc.

"I give a tip to every busker I see."
by Emery Carl September 25, 2005
To perform some form of entertainment for money on the streets (usually musical).
There are a lot of busking opportunities in San Francisco.
by ninahage May 29, 2006
To lack the ability to ejaculate at an adequate speed.
James "Dude, I think we should go, Sean isn't going to make it"

Stefan "Why, man.. whats wrong?"

James "He's taking too long to Busk"
by Dr. Do0M March 26, 2010
Busk- stands for BUtt Ugly Sidekick
A girl who others hang with to make them look prettier, or for protection. She is usually manly in size and appearance and men may fear her. A busk is also useful to men too though, because she is willing to do n e thing to be accepted. Like if ur drunk and need a ride home ur girlfriends busk will give u a ride home.
Pretty girl: eww that perv over there's hasn't left me alone all night
Busk: I go set em' straight for you!!
Perv: oohh shiit that big ugly chicks gonna eat me!! Runnnn
by BurrrrrrrdE February 02, 2010
Adj. 1. Completely out of control, outrageous, in a grotesque fashion. Usually used in reference to an act of partying or sexual relations.
The dude was totally busk having consumed a keg of Bud Light and three cartons of clove cigarettes in two hours. He then ate 4 racks of ribs and went home.
by JJJ Strau May 31, 2006
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