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A totally useless human being who turns to shit every blessed thing that he touches.

See also Asshole, Low life, four flushing, war mongering, son of a bitch, George W. Bush.
Katrina is another example of how fucked up this country is with Bush, George W. at the helm.
by T.M. Servo September 14, 2005
1088 239
Idiot son of an asshole (see NOFX). "Leader" of the United States with little comprehension of the english language, foreign policy, or how to run the free world. Responsible for the deaths of innocent soilders and civilians (see 9/11, Iraq) and running our economy into the pits of hell. Redneck republican with an agenda to get reelected and continue to drown our nation with oil and unecessary warefare. The real weapon of mass destruction.
Vote George W. Bush-the apocolypse can't get here all by itself!
by Ashweed October 16, 2004
700 152