A bush pig an extremely ugly looking female. Normally bush pigs are found in shopping centres usually around the food court area. They also tend to be very obese and have big like face's. A characteristic of a bush pig is being very slow.
That new chick at school man is such a bush pig i swear she is the ugliest bushy ever!
by Anthony1 February 01, 2007
Top Definition
extremly ugly, bitch with a face like a smashed crab
Capri Hine
by shirab June 27, 2004
A word used to describe female that is very fat and ugly. Its literal meaning is that a female resembles a wild boar, a creature that is traditionally thought of as being fat, ugly and dirty.
Macca: Hey Boong you know your girlfriend?
Boong: Yeh?
Macca: She is a bushpig!!!
Boong: I know!!!
by Dave McBoong September 04, 2006
1. A wholly unattractive female
2. A minging slut
Me - Your Mum really is a bit of a Bush Pig
You - your not wrong!!
by Mum Zamman June 02, 2003
Australian origin.
Derogatory label applied to a particularly unattractive woman. Typically used to describe a woman from a rural area who has an unattractive face, a mullet hairstyle, is of stocky build and dresses in flannelette clothing. Is not necessarily associated with homosexuality.
Most of the women at this years ute muster were bushpigs.
by AlexT83 September 23, 2007
A disgusting unwashed, rather unsavory, ugly female.

See Australianism or Aussieism
That chick is such a Bush Pig, I don't know why he would date her.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
An extremely ugly, over-weight woman who picks on drunk young males
Geez the bird who broke Damian's cherry and bent his bedframe was a right bush pig
by Bluejays November 27, 2006
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