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noun: high quality weed
adjective: to describe very good weed
Dealer: Yo mah man, I got that straight bus head for you...
Buyer: Oh, lemme get an O of that my nigga

1 day later

Buyer: Yo dogg, that gank I smoked was straight bus head!
Buyer's Friend
by Hydroponic February 07, 2008
10 2
Having an unusually large or elongated shaped head.
His uncle nicknamed him "bushead".
by AS68 August 29, 2009
5 1
The way your hair looks after you have fallen asleep on the bus.
I woke up with total bus head this morning
by prainva October 20, 2009
4 1
Someone with a very large head.
Get out of my face, bus head.
by John September 02, 2004
8 11
Barbara Johnson
by Grammy September 13, 2003
10 25