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A person who's easy to fool, a sucker. Especially any woman who's easy to fuck, not because she's a slut but because she's soft-hearted and naive.
Bro 1: I'd hit it!
Bro 2: No problem, she's a burro, tell her your dog died.
by ray99 November 10, 2009
22 11
spanish for donkey but used alot as a insult
person 1-I want cheese!!!!
person 2-Shut up u stupid burro!!
by clairthy July 05, 2005
57 19
1. A group of donkeys.

2. Pretty much the coolest family ever.

3. To destroy creative expression.
1. Stupid burros; they cut me off!

2. Person 1: Oh my god, I had an amazing time at the Burros's house last night!
Person 2: Why wouldn't you? It's kind of implied that if you go there, you'd have a great time...

3. Dude, Mr. Anderson is totally burrosing! He gave me a D- on my story because it was too imaginative!
by spjeff13 February 24, 2008
4 4
The local Anglo term for "burrito" (the food) in Tucson, Arizona. Bean burros are the "vanilla" type (pronounced "BEEMburrows").
They laughed at me when I asked for a burro in Phoenix. Everyone there calls it a burrito. But they always speak Cali up there, so it don't matter much.
by davarinofuntucson August 14, 2010
7 10
A mix between a cow and a giraffe.
"What I had presumed to be a bizarrely mutated giraffe that was white with black spots actually turned out to be a burro."
by uffuuffu December 26, 2011
5 10
In Mexico it is common to call people with medium brown skin burro (most often males). Casual friendly slang.
He pointed to our friend and said, "He's a burro."
by expat62 June 22, 2011
3 8
(Spanish slang) Of a male, being sexually aroused
Tomé una viagra y me pusé super burro
I took viagra and I got a real boner

No me toques el culo, que me pongo burro
Don't touch my bum, or I'll get a hard-on
by fonsucu February 01, 2009
7 19