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A burriko is a female who puts on a false front to attract men and who is rude or unfriendly to other females. The term is short for "kawaiko burriko" or "pretentious cutie". The term does not mean girls who dress younger than they are or "loli"- however, a female who dresses that way to attract men would fit in the burriko category.
Keep away from him, burriko!
by Your_____Mom June 21, 2010

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Japanese woman of a certain age who looks and acts much younger. Given that it's often hard to identify the age of asian women anyway it can be difficult to spot a burriko.
I'm not your burriko girl - Urusei Yatsura (The band, not the manga/anime by takahashi rumiko)
by Miles Pieri January 20, 2004