Not white or black, A person with purple tinted lips and other possible features. Unknown Ethinicity at this current time.
"Whoa that nigga is burple!" -Fluffy
by yadaladamamma February 15, 2008
A pedophile with feminine tendencies, often heard exclaiming, "Man, I need some cock." Often has tattoo of a Scrotum on arm.
I think he's a BUrple, I'm not sure, I didn't see his scrotum.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
Big heavy breast with large purple nipples dripping with sex.
He tried to look her in the eyes but her burples trapped his gaze.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
a gang. only of six people burple gangster b. burple gangster u. and ect. there trade mark is one shaved arm and burple ritten on the left arm.. one of the most dangerous gangs in the huge city of clermont florida
look its the burples everyone hide!
by burple gangster L August 10, 2003
1) The official color of surprise.
When we told her that George Bush said something stupid again she turned burple with surprise.
by David V. September 28, 2005
The color seen when being drivin down the street when your way stoned and you see a bichin car painted with a deep blue base and a purple pearl coat.
Dude, look at that burple mustang.
by TopDude March 04, 2005
The color of a beer belch.
Get extremely trashed and try and let out a belch... Youll see
by blakely September 30, 2004

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