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To smoke a joint.
Joey, Bobby, and little Timmy sat out the kickball game and burnt one down behind the gym during recess.
by Nick D November 11, 2003
to smoke a joint or blunt. often shortened to 'burn one'
dude, let's go burn one!
by hafg December 11, 2003
to smoke some Mary J Wanna aka the good shit from a joint or pipe or blunt or whatever makes you high man...
right on
if you dont like my fire, then dont come around, cuz im gonna burn one down =)
by sashbabe33XX November 18, 2004
Smoke a bowl of marijuana, in a pipe or bong.
Dude, let's go burn one down behind the old mill!
by Glabl Blarbl September 25, 2004
*To smoke a cigar, cigarette, or even a joint of marijuana.
"Wanna go burn one down man?"
"Uh thanks but I don't do drugs. ^_^ "
by Dave September 10, 2004