HAUGE nipples, male or female, although generally found on pubescent 14 year old girls.
"OMGGGG lucy got her burgers out for the whole football team last night, they were dead veiny too"
by georgii April 17, 2008
Slang term for psychedelic mushrooms. usually used in company of those who do not know or in conversations by those who wish to remain discrete.
Earl: "What do you want to do tonight?'

Francois: "I was thinking we could eat some burgers."

Lakyn: "Burgers?"

Francois: "Yeah, I'm hungry, that's all."
by Christophe Crazy October 13, 2010
Fun on a bun!
Let's go get a burger, Jim!
by sHaDoWs12 February 27, 2008
a hot girl, can be shortened to burg as well
damn son! you see that burger at the bar, im gonna take her down.
by Kevin Gr November 22, 2007
Fake, Counterfit, imitation, wanna be,
You burger bra.
That $100 is burger..
Quit being a burger and playin me..
Those Shoes are burgers
by MasterChavo360 July 15, 2009
A cool way to emphasise a word/turn into a superlative
Man. Bob must have made his girlfiend real angry. I saw her walk towards him, I looked away, looked back, and he was goneburger.
"Dude, that is rankburger"
by DerfNZ July 21, 2008
a warm pice of thick meat trapped between to large brown buns
Me and my girlfriend had a burger for dinner last night
by creighton hottel June 25, 2007

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