Large dark nipples the size of burgers.
Man that tribal woman in National Geographic had saggy burgers !
by Mumm-Raa March 19, 2006
Secret code or slang for "marijuana". Mostly used in monitored communications such as company emails or mobile text messages.

See also burger
1. "Are you coming over tonight for some burgers?"
2. "These burgers are the shit!"
3. "Can I smoke some of your burgers?"
by Burgeriffic October 14, 2005
fake air force ones, air max's, AIR JORDANS.
$60 bucks for nikes outside the stores they are probally burgers
by dytboi February 13, 2008
Said as it sounds, and very fast. BURGER! used between my friends to discontinue an argument or just used as a filler in converstation...or even just out of the blue to break silence.
a way to vent anger
P1 "This music is sooo good"
P2 "ch! no it aint!"
P1 "WHATEVER DUDE it soo is!"
*converstation ended, in which P1 is right, and P2 sees that it is futile to continue the converstation*
P1 "GRAAA! IM so fk.buchit.. .hurk.. ..BURGER!!!!"
by F.I.B December 29, 2005
what they say in the cosby show for a fine lookin lady
woo hoo hoo look at dat burger
by Stroge October 25, 2003
a combined word meaning a sandwich made with cooked proportions of what ever is indicated. It has nothing to do with hamburgers. It is more likey derived from a word coined in an early comic strip that was published during the years that this term was first used
Eeeeeeew! Who would ever think of eating snakeburgers?
by Light Joker August 18, 2004
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