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The characteristic of being bramd fresh or brand new.
That unopened Mountain Dew is bure.
by TheStonedNomad November 14, 2012
a very good looking female in limerick, ireland
check her out boys, she's a fine bure!
by brian o carroll March 31, 2003
Irish slang meaning a woman, usually teenage. Used in the rural areas of Ireland, specifically the south. Pronounced same as pure.
"Hi ba dats one munya bure!"
translation: that is one sexy woman
by irishandsober September 24, 2006
1. the opposite of a blincoe; Undescribably straight. A adjective that involves everything straight in life. Homo sexuality can not intervene with a Bures.
1. Lookin that Blincoe over there, what a fag. Who knew he'd hang out with the Bures of the school.
by Jacque Ahff May 19, 2008
1. the equivalent of a blincoe; Undescribably homosexual. A adjective that involves everything homosexual in life. Heterosexuality can not intervene with a Bures.
Look at John, he's such a BURES.
by Anne Guish May 22, 2008

comes from "pure"
The man knows "bure" girls.

(the man knows a lot of girls)
by Jamaal August 09, 2004
a very fertile woman who can get easily pregnant
be careful when you fuck a bure without a condom, or in 9 months you will be a daddy
by breeeee October 14, 2007