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a very good looking female in limerick, ireland
check her out boys, she's a fine bure!
by brian o carroll March 31, 2003
Irish slang meaning a woman, usually teenage. Used in the rural areas of Ireland, specifically the south. Pronounced same as pure.
"Hi ba dats one munya bure!"
translation: that is one sexy woman
by irishandsober September 24, 2006
1. the opposite of a blincoe; Undescribably straight. A adjective that involves everything straight in life. Homo sexuality can not intervene with a Bures.
1. Lookin that Blincoe over there, what a fag. Who knew he'd hang out with the Bures of the school.
by Jacque Ahff May 19, 2008
The characteristic of being bramd fresh or brand new.
That unopened Mountain Dew is bure.
by TheStonedNomad November 14, 2012
1. the equivalent of a blincoe; Undescribably homosexual. A adjective that involves everything homosexual in life. Heterosexuality can not intervene with a Bures.
Look at John, he's such a BURES.
by Anne Guish May 22, 2008

comes from "pure"
The man knows "bure" girls.

(the man knows a lot of girls)
by Jamaal August 09, 2004
a very fertile woman who can get easily pregnant
be careful when you fuck a bure without a condom, or in 9 months you will be a daddy
by breeeee October 14, 2007
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