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it means someone who hangs with a group and never does anything, they just hang around like a spare tit.
what r u doing here u spare tit
by eoin September 02, 2003
Irish world describing something that is good or big. Used to describe a good thing.
"That was a small shit I had"

"We drank a small amount of beer"

"Jesus, she is small great"
by Eoin April 12, 2005
Slang, derogatory term used to describe a fool, or a foolish person.
shut the f**k up you f***kin tulip
what would he know, that lad is a tulip
by eoin September 02, 2003
in some places in ireland, its used in a derogitary way, like bitch.
fu*k off you stupid bure
by eoin September 02, 2003

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