An often dark-haired gym fanatic. Pastimes of a "burd" usually include lifting weights, checking themselves out in the mirror and lifting weights. He likes protein shakes and showing off his biceps; often asking others to feel how rock solid they are. However, this character is often outplayed, outwitted and outlasted in the recreation sphere. He boasts victories however these are only evident on team sports which the "burd" had a minor role. He fails to excel at individual sports and thus, reverts back to the weightroom.You may find "burd"s in gyms across your campuses, trying to pretend they're more athetic than they truly are.

guy1: Who's that kid getting whooped by that babe on the badminton court?

guy2: Oh that'd be Burd.
by Harvison March 14, 2010
Top Definition
scots slang for bird ( girlfriend!!)
did ya see ma burd fit aint she!!!!
by The girl March 18, 2004
A term to describe a female woman or girl.
Male 1: So are you & that burd goin out the night then mate?
Male 2: Aye, shes gonna get a right seeing to aswell.

'Phwoar, check the chebs out on that burd'
by Jungle_Juice August 22, 2008
a mispelling of the word "bird" This mispelling is one out of affection for said bird.
"that's one fat burd!"
by Christina October 15, 2004
A word used to describe everything. Burd can either be a noun or a verb, and burdy is the adjective. It is a versatile word that is used to describe anything that has not word for.

It has similar uses to "derp". (ie, to derp around, a Derp. Derby...)
Person A: What do you want to do?
Person B: Let's have a party and invide those burds.
Person A: Sure, what should we do at the party?
Person B: I dunno, let's all just burd around for a few hours.
Person A: Wow, that's soo burdy.
by Sebby-kun February 24, 2013
1: Marijuana.
2: The act of smoking marijuana amongst friends.
Burder 1: "You got burd?"
Burder 2: "Naw dawg, i smoked all my burd the other day"
by DarthBurder May 09, 2011
My best buddy in the whole wide world.
BuRDSs!! I love you =]
by Marilynonii June 02, 2010
When something is true, or accurate.
-"if you go to Briggs house watch out for the dementors"
by burdsburds January 22, 2010
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