what my geriatric father says when a piece of talent goes past the car.

usually goes for 10 minutes, then shits himself with excitement.
Burds, Burds, Buuurds!!
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
An often dark-haired gym fanatic. Pastimes of a "burd" usually include lifting weights, checking themselves out in the mirror and lifting weights. He likes protein shakes and showing off his biceps; often asking others to feel how rock solid they are. However, this character is often outplayed, outwitted and outlasted in the recreation sphere. He boasts victories however these are only evident on team sports which the "burd" had a minor role. He fails to excel at individual sports and thus, reverts back to the weightroom.You may find "burd"s in gyms across your campuses, trying to pretend they're more athetic than they truly are.

guy1: Who's that kid getting whooped by that babe on the badminton court?

guy2: Oh that'd be Burd.
by Harvison March 14, 2010
Being extremely bad at a game or life in general. To a point where a human being should not feel happy to live.
Wow , that kid is so Burd at dota . He needs to go read a book and enjoy life and stop being burd at this game and wasting my time.
by Sex_Toise July 26, 2009
the codename used beetween guys when a hot girl is spotted
Yo bro, check out that burd.
by Habiboo August 16, 2006
Meaning stupid person or ignorant person.

Originating from the Disney movie Bambi, where when Bambi was a young faun, he ignorantly called a butterfly a bird, said "burd."

It does not mean retarded, however, as it intentionally avoids being potentially offensive to people who are technically retarded.
Person 1: Doesn't 2+2=5?

Person 2: 2+2=4, you burd.
by Theo Ventura July 27, 2009
girls in new jersey ( jersey burd's newark canaires )
Blund burd udd unto me. I asked, " do blund burd's churp only in jersey cus I hears em churpen purdy even in newark "
Ooooh honey I'm too sexy for my shirt cuz me burd's churpen in jersy.
by itichie_nocanpo July 02, 2006
Burd, meaning bye and said in disagreement. The opposite if wurd!
Alex: Yo Donna, I gotta go.
Donna: Burd YO!

Alex: Donna, I've got the magic stick!
Donna: Ppff! Burd brother, you wish!
by becky February 26, 2005
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