a mythical Australian mammal said to have lived near billabongs and rivers, that is documented in old Australian tales. They grew to about 2 foot long and 1 foot high and made loud grunting noises in the night. Turns out these creatures were just Koalas.
old Bazza ran back from the dam like a soft-cock, claiming he saw a bunyip. Turns out it was just a Koala trying to have its way with him.
by MaccasWildRide March 17, 2008
A mythical Australian creature that gathers around waterholes. Also known as a yowie.
The bunyip stole my lunch when I was picnicing by the waterhole.

The bunyip stole my virginity as I slept by the waterhole...
by dildodogact April 02, 2008
a person who says or does something stupid
you're such a bunyip!
by vixstar March 09, 2008

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