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A word becoming common for describing a Condom / The use of a Condom in New Zealand.
A gumboot been a item of footware that is made out of rubber and completely waterproof.
Jimbo "Bro, heading to down Hamilton this weekend ay."
Kev "Ohh true, I got the clap last time I was there ay, gumboot up dude, hard!."
Jimbo "Haha, will have to double layer!"
by annoyomasz May 28, 2009
1) Intentional misuse of the word 'sikunt' resulting in to much affection for the one being commended

2) Fitted foot covering often knee high, usually made of plastic or similar material. Hard wearing and durable, also water proof.

3) Name of which greatest (un-realized) political, artistic and sexual-intercourse conquering master mind the world has seen.
1) eg. "Gumboot, you are a sikunt."

2) ($29.99 @

3) James, trolley pusher @ coles, lagwarrin (beware of the sikuntness)
by James 'Gumboot' Garwell March 14, 2004
A gumboot is a term used by youth to describe an act involving sexual intercourse with another person... or animal. Very popular amongst the youth of inner and western Melbourne, Australia.
"Dude I met this chick at next went to hers got a wicked gumboot"

"you know dave? I gumbooted his girlfriend bad man"

"dude i gumbooted your dog"
by K4n05 April 02, 2008
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