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A squatchy creature who only eats peanut butter, cookies, and texas toast. It also prefers vodka over all other liquids. It traditionally has a HGR that is extremely high. (See: Hot Girl Ratio)
Yowie won't eat it unless its smothered in peanut butter.
#sasquatch #picky eater #alcoholic #drummer #hgr
by gibbygooboo September 15, 2011
An anthropoid reported from the New South Wales area of Australia, similar to the Pacific Northwest bigfoot/sasquatch and to creatures reported from many regions of Asia.
I saw a yowie down by the river, but after I went and got my camera he was gone.
by Chuck Hastings June 28, 2003
a small furry creature with short legs likes bukkaking lolitas
the yowie bukkaked
by yowie March 08, 2004
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