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One's wrongdoing or accident. Also anything done with ill intent or met with disapproval.
"My bunx" as in "My bad". Also "Don't bunx"
by Chris Peterson January 26, 2007
If a person has "" it means they have money. Its that swag slang for bucks, its been seen recently on twitter and heard throughout schools in america. You're not cool if you do not use it.
Malik : Im boutta buy this its only 10 Bunx!!
Chad : Dang, its 5 Bunx off!!!


Big Sean : Im stackin my bunx my wallet look like a bible
Tony : Bunx for daysssss
by Phixion34 December 21, 2011
(adj) Short for rambunctious. Going hard, playing hard, and partying hard; Out of control; raging; not being sorry for partying
Chad: You ready to get bunx tonight?!?!?!

Ben: Bro, I was born to get bunx.

Roy: I got real bunx on some laxtitute last night
by PittLax April 11, 2011
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