The combination of a bitch and a cunt, this term is of the most vulgar, but because of its ambiguity, it can be used in public without fear of having your ass kicked.
That chick Lauren is such a bunt for leaving me and screwing my best friend.
by PHS November 07, 2006
1. To kick out your skateboard mid trick, and not land whatever you were trying.

2. To make a harsh claim that you are going to do a trick at a spot, and you don't fulfill this claim.
1. "Oh man, James just ditched that switch kickflip. What a bunt"

2. James said he was going to switch kickflip the 4 stair, but he bunted."
by MapleMaple April 26, 2006
To fix, repair, restore, or make better.
Wow, awesome, you did a bunt job.
by -random- August 01, 2005
A german derived word meaning colorful.
Look its such a bunt bird.
by -random- August 01, 2005
When a human female releases air/gas from
her cunt and her butt simultaneously thus
producing a bunt.
Awww baby....remember that time when you discovered that you could bunt on command?
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
A denomintaion of currency. 1 pound = a Bunt or 1 Dollar = A Bunt.

Derived from "Bunsen Burner", cockney rhyming slang for "nice little earner".
hmm that ferrari is more than just a few bunts.
by John Bickell January 03, 2005
To surprising grab and hold a strong grip on the ass of another man in a sexual manner.
We were walking along when he bunted me. He didn't let go until he had gotten my pants off.
by HoserHoe November 10, 2004

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