a really meaty vagina that looks like an ass.a bum cunt
she looked fine all except for the bunt.
by Max April 10, 2003
vt. To sodomise; esp. of men.
Bunting is the act of one male sodomising another.
Used transitively - the "giver" bunts the "receiver", never vice versa.
Oh cor, that poofta just bunted that other poofta!

John bunted Bruce.
#sodomise #sodomize #bugger #roger #boof #prong #gay #poofta #poofter
by hotpatootie May 22, 2009
The bit on a girl in between her bumhole and her cunt
" i like bunt, it tastes alot like milk"
#bum #cunt #bunt #gutter #fanny
by Janice-Louise May 10, 2008
The area just above the vagina when it sticks out as far as the but. (But and cunt combined) Larger than a gunt (gut and cunt combined)which is the same but not as pronounced.
She is sporting a mean bunt. Her cunt sticks out as far as her ass does. She has a bunt.
by Scott Boyer June 28, 2005
take yourself to tha limis an' bust on a nigga when there tryin to start shitznit
come on mang dont bunt on dis nigga hes just frontin
by Doe C dOe April 18, 2005
A form of necrophelia, but a mouth is placed over an orifice on a dead body, and someone jumps on the bodies stomach, filling the mouth with welll you can guess
I fancy a bunt tonight
by Westinator December 02, 2004
to inject drugs into urself or someone else using a needle because ur a junkie fuck
i bunted smack the other day, it was jolly
by McGee May 11, 2004
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