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a really meaty vagina that looks like an ass.a bum cunt
she looked fine all except for the bunt.
by Max April 10, 2003
1 10
The bit on a girl in between her bumhole and her cunt
" i like bunt, it tastes alot like milk"
by Janice-Louise May 10, 2008
13 23
To feel up a girl when she isn't expecting it. When you bunt you can either "make it to first base" or "strike out".
Tristan bunted cat at the party.
by Andrew February 08, 2004
19 29
vt. To sodomise; esp. of men.
Bunting is the act of one male sodomising another.
Used transitively - the "giver" bunts the "receiver", never vice versa.
Oh cor, that poofta just bunted that other poofta!

John bunted Bruce.
by hotpatootie May 22, 2009
3 14
Dating back to the the early 1990's in East Berlin, meaning woman, in a sexually derogative way. Today the word is used to describe fit women through a plural meaning.
"The club is packed with fit bunt!"

"I'd love to get bunt like that."
by Viv J March 19, 2006
46 59