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3 definitions by Xevil

Someone who is sketchy and a creeper. They should be avoid at all costs.
Dragon: "Dude Nighthawk's roommate is a total skreeper."

Nighthawk's Friend: "Yeah he is definitely a skreeper."
by Xevil November 01, 2011
Someone who is being a bitch and a cunt simultaneously. Commonly a female but can also be a male. Not to be confused with the baseball term.
Night Hawk: "Dude my roommate flipped the fuck out on me when I took her clothes out of the washer."

Dragon: "Yeah your roommate is definitely a bunt."
by Xevil November 01, 2011
When a person is simultaneously being a jew and a cunt. Usually a female but can be a male. These people are often bitchy and very stingy.
Nighthawk: "Dude Dragon my fucking roommate covered up the thermostat so I can't turn on the heat."

Dragon: "Nighthawk your roommate is being a junt."
by Xevil November 04, 2011