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Eminem's name in 8 Mile. See also rabbit and b-rabbit.
Please welcome ma man Bunny Rabbit!
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
20 17
a female who enjoys engaging in sexual intercourse and prefers to be on top
this chick i was with last night humps like a bunny rabbit
by carie November 10, 2003
45 10
1.A small fluffy mammal
2.Name given to a women who is sexually atractive
3.Nick name given to the leading star in the film "8 Mile".
1. I set my dog on bunny rabbits
2. Sarah is a bunny rabbit
3. Bunny rabbit is played by a hypocritical wigger named eminem who contridicts his last song with every new song he makes.
by John March 22, 2003
40 24
When you quickly rub your gooch(the area between the nuts and asshole) then rub a person's face with the same hand.
A girl was talking so much so i gave her a bunny rabbit to shut her up.
by Jake-e April 30, 2008
12 7
some poor bastard who got sodomized by several large black men.
nobody wants to go to prison for fear of being a bunny rabbit
by ypykiyaymofu April 10, 2010
7 6
Sexual act of dry humping the morning after a night of drunk sex in a hotel and shitting yourself during the act because you had a big steak for dinner the night before.
I gave my wife the bunny rabbit this morning and she wasn't pleased with the result.
by Myrlin Spritzer December 21, 2013
0 0
a cheeseburger that gives u lots of "relaxation" (mainly for males)
that was a great bunnyrabbit!
by yao ming March 16, 2004
1 1