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A content short bubbly person that perches and chews food
She ate that carrot like a bunny muncher
by greenracetrack May 23, 2013
6 0
A female, with a slot in her teeth for sucking things through.
She sucked spaghetti through her teeth like a bunny muncher.
by overthehill16 May 23, 2013
6 0
noun or adjective. 1. One who munches on bunnies 2. A self-righteous foodie or urban farmer 3. People who take a break from skinning bunnies and decide to have tea and get blood on the teacups.
The Berkeley bunny munchers had a locavore rabbit-slaughtering party while drinking a lovely Darjeeling.
by lunablu July 23, 2010
6 0
A name given to a short female with protruding teeth that gives oral sex and swallows afterwards.
She was the best Bunny Muncher ever.
by groundhogday May 23, 2013
5 0
A felmale that gives a blow job, has bunny like teeth and swallows.
That bunny muncher was such a turn on,
by thelastgroundhog May 23, 2013
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