A Fagget/ queer/ homosexual/ illiterate type of dude/ cock sucker/ challenged person/ hairy pussy-cat/ retard/ stupid motherfucker/ gay ass nigga/ dumb ass mexican/ white mother fucking cracker
Aye you there, you black Bunjo, get off my porch and do some work

Hey stupid Bunjo, stop acting gay.
by Anthony ATrain Mad-rid February 02, 2009
Top Definition
Comes from the mid-west a term for the cat butt, or any animal butt that features a poo-star.
Oh my Susie's kitty has something stuck to it's bunjo!
booty, bootangus, cat butt poo star
by The real bunjo March 23, 2010
cats rear end, the backdoor of an animal
Uh oh, my cat has something on its bunjo
by the real bunjo March 23, 2010
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