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a portable wine sack
charles called and he wants his bungalo back.....he wants to get drunk
by charles shaw April 17, 2009
Referencing a particularly desireable ass of a female that has a less than desireable face.
Hey, Nitin, check out the bungalo on that one!
by hornfrog July 25, 2005
In Bulgarian - a small house in remote location only for parties, doing drugs etc. Also used when people want to get away from the city.
Man: Dude, let's do some party on the bungalo near Varna.

Dude: Great man, may be this friday. I will take 5 bottles of Vodka, you bring the girls
by Bassta June 21, 2010
When one mixes Skoal Cherry and Skoal Peach.
"Man pack dat bungalo!"
by Benny H February 14, 2008
the sex up a lad
dude i bungalo'd ur mom last night
by Iha April 08, 2003

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